Multilingual Tutoring

Project Leadership: Lucy Montalvo, Isabel Vargas, Chris Chang-Bacon

Overview: Local schools have identified a significant number of English Language Learners who are currently failing a class in part due to the nature of virtual schooling and the inability to provide students with the necessary linguistic support needed to access the curriculum.

The local schools have reached out to The Equity Center for assistance in supporting emergent bilingual youth—particularly in the secondary content areas (e.g., math, science, etc.). This project aims to provide emergent bilinguals enrolled in content subject classes with linguistic and instructional support allowing the content to be as accessible.

Along with Esther Poveda Moreno's SPAN 3020/3030 Si Se Puede: Community Engagement in Spanish Speaking Charlottesville class, tutors were able to create Spanish language STEM vocabulary guides:

Algebra Vocabulary

Earth Science Vocabulary 

Math Cognates