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Democratization of Data

Description: The Equity Center will co-create a comprehensive Equity Atlas, which will aim to be inclusive of an open-source platform that makes data and information that the community wants to know about itself broadly available for use in the pursuit of equity throughout the region. 


Review the work we have done to analyze Frontline Workers in Charlottesville by clicking the image below.  

Charlottesville Stop and Frisk 

The Equity Center contributed to the Cville Tomorrow Determined Series.  Author and community leader Jordy Yager writes:

To shed more light on how police-level interactions contribute to the racial disparity and disproportionality in the criminal justice system, the University of Virginia Equity Center’s Michele Claibourn and Sam Powers created a new website and map for the “Determined” series. With Charlottesville Police Department data from 2012-2014 and 2016-2017 gathered through Freedom of Information Act requests over the years from attorney Jeff Fogel, the site details the racial disproportionality that exists when police stop residents on the street. 

The Equity Center analysis found that police conduct an average of 11.9 stops per month, and that 65% of these stops result in a search or frisk. Racially, it found that for every two white residents police stopped, they stopped five Black residents. Click the image below to review the full analysis.