Charlottesville Regional Equity Atlas

The Charlottesville Regional Equity Atlas is a hub for the regional equity work done in partnership with local civic and community organizations. The data-driven reports and dashboards included in the Equity Atlas document progress toward measures of well-being to advance a more equitable community and help citizens hold decision-makers accountable.

The Charlottesville Regional Equity Atlas includes:

  • Regional Equity Dashboard: A policy tool that combines, visualizes, and makes accessible data about local disparities
  • Regional Climate Equity Dashboard: A visualization tool bringing together social, infrastructure, and climate measures
  • Stepping Stones Report and Supplement: Data on the well-being of children and families in Charlottesville and Albemarle County, along with a supplemental report that presents racially disaggregated data for some of the measures
  • Orange Dot Report 5.0: Report on economic indicators impacting families across the greater Charlottesville region done in collaboration with Network2Work @PVCC
  • Albemarle County Equity Profile: Virginia’s first county-level report of equitable well-being

Visit the Charlottesville Regional Equity Atlas

Charlottesville Regional Equity Atlas card with map image and equity center logo

For the Equity & Open Data ArcGIS platform produced in collaboration between the University of Virginia Library, the Equity Center, and the broader regional community, please visit: