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A UVA Democracy Initiative center for the redress of inequity through community-engaged scholarship



Project Pipeline

Architectural summer camp

Girls are All Write

Equity Centered Community Engaged Teaching

Local Partnerships

The Equity Center is committed to being a good neighbor to our local community

Dr. Cameron Webb Named to White House COVID-19 Response Team

Dr. Webb served as a faculty leader since the inception of the Equity Center

New directory focuses on area’s Black businesses

A project by Community Fellow-in-Residence Destinee Wright

The UVA Center for the Redress of Inequity through Community Engaged Scholarship presents its first Annual Report, representing the work accomplished between July 2020 - June 2021.

Citation: Rupa S Valdez, Don E Detmer, Philip Bourne, Katherine K Kim, Robin Austin, Anna McCollister, Courtney C Rogers, Karen C Waters-Wicks, Informatics-enabled citizen science to advance health equity, Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 2021;, ocab088, 

Curry Research Lectureship Series: Dr. Bianca Baldridge

Reimagining Youth Work(ers) and the Ongoing Struggle for Racial Justice

Dr. Bianca Baldridge


Bianca J. Baldridge is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Policy Studies at the University of Wisconsin,

Madison. As a sociologist of education, Bianca’s scholarship explores the socio-political context of community-based youth

work and afterschool education. Bianca’s research critically examines the confluence of race, class, and gender, and its impact

Three years later, Charlottesville looks to educator Benjamin Tonsler’s legacy

"There’s a deadly paradox here. This virus is amplifying racial inequities with a disproportionate impact on the Black and Latinx communities, locally as well as nationally. To limit in-person school is to honor the health of the Black and brown community. But without radical thinking and quick action, we risk perpetuating educational inequities."


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