The Equity Center, U.Va.

The Equity Center

A UVA Democracy Initiative center for the redress of inequity through community-engaged scholarship



Institutional Inequality

Community Director: Shantell Bingham
Faculty Director: Susan Kools

Description: In order to enact our mission of redressing inequity within the communities we are embedded, it is necessary for us as a public institution of higher education to continue to build our capacity for equity and racial justice. From the level of executive leadership through each internal stakeholder group, including students, staff and faculty, we need to develop institutional equity literacy with common understandings of principles of equity, historical underpinnings of our social location, and methods of redress, including respectful community engagement and scholarships and reparations.
The Equity Center will support deep and sustained training efforts, as well as initiatives to reform internal structures, systems and policies that promote systemic racism and other forms of bias and discrimination. We will work closely with the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and the Associate Deans and Directors for Diversity and Inclusion group to promote internal capacity building and reforms.