The Equity Center

A UVA Democracy Initiative center for the redress of inequity through community-engaged scholarship

Youth Educational Pipeline

The Equity Center will co-create a collective impact infrastructure to strengthen, coordinate, and grow educational pipeline programs for African-American, Latinx, low-wealth and immigrant residents across the region. Our long-term goal is to address the educational deficits expressed by youth and adults, particularly the post-incarcerated population, through a network of programs. However, during its first three years, the Equity Center will focus its pipeline program on youth. 

The Equity Center will offer technical assistance in grant writing and program evaluation; support research, data collection and analysis; help disseminate and communicate information to decision-makers; convene and coordinate existing program leaders; and help develop new programming to fill gaps in the network so as to contribute to a continuum of effective, evidence-based pipeline programs to help narrow racial achievement gaps in the region. 

Research Practice Partnership
Faculty Directors: Bonnie Gordon & Nancy Deutsch
Community Directors: Daniel Fairley, Leah Puryear & and Joy Johnson