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Support and Equip Cville

The Equity Center would like to point you in the direction of some of our outstanding community partners who have been tirelessly working to streamline support for the Charlottesville Community.  Please visit the Support Cville webstie to provide or get support during this time.  

Support Cville is a website that collects the ways people have created to donate and receive money, time, and supplies for those in the greater Charlottesville area who have been impacted by the Coronavirus disease, COVID-19. The site administrator is Jordy Yager, a local journalist and the Digital Humanities Fellow at the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center. Margo Bulka, a Product Strategist, is managing the site’s design and ongoing development alongside colleagues at WillowTree.

Support Cville has several dozen community partners. The site was translated by Irène Mathieu, a bilingual writer and pediatrician at the University of Virginia Health System. And our original contributors that helped us launch are Shantell Bingham with the Charlottesville Food Justice Network (CFJN) and Brooke Ray also with the CFJN as well as the UVA Humanitarian Collaborative. We thank them for their ongoing guidance through these difficult times.