R3 Spring 2023 Updates

January R3 Update:

We are happy to say as of January R3 is fully operational and has begun receiving research proposals from the IRB to consider for R3 review.  R3 has been hard at work to become fully operational, and it could not have been done without countless amounts of people!  Meeting this milestone in early 2023 will give us the opportunity to learn, grow, and refine the R3 process over the next several months so that R3 can become a more integral and defined part of PHAR.  We also hope to increase engagement both with residents and other members of the Charlottesville community to build links to better fulfill R3’s role.

One way for community members to get information about research happening is through R3 monthly roundtables, which will take place every third Wednesday of each month.  These roundtables are meant to make a space for residents and researchers to meet and discuss research happening in the community, and ultimately R3 hopes that it will also be a space where residents can request research from researchers.  In 2023 all members of the R3 team are excited to continue the reviewing process and take a more active role in research happening in the community!