R3 Fall 2022 Updates

Fall 2022 Updates

In July, R3 welcomed a new R3 coordinator, Cam Gaillard, and two new reviewers.  With the new additions R3 is now fully staffed and all members of the team are fully trained. This represents a huge milestone for the R3 program -- the first time that all members are CITI certified and ready to begin reviewing. In early January 2023, R3 and the IRB will meet to discuss final steps before R3 begins reviewing. This means that R3 will begin reviewing early 2023!

In addition, R3 has already begun creating connections with researchers and is continuing to work towards informing community members about research happening in their community. One way for community members to get information about research happening is through R3 monthly roundtables, the next R3 roundtable will be Jan 18, 2023. These roundtables are meant to make a space for residents and researchers to meet and discuss research happening in the community, and ultimately R3 hopes that it will also be a space where residents can request research from researchers. In 2023 all members of the R3 team are excited to begin the reviewing process and take a more active role in research happening in the community!