The Equity Center, U.Va.

The Equity Center

A UVA Democracy Initiative center for the redress of inequity through community-engaged scholarship



Open Positions at the Equity Center

Finance Generalist

The Democracy Initiative Center for the Redress of Inequity Through Community-Engaged Scholarship (the “Equity Center”) is the University of Virginia’s newest collaborative multi-disciplinary center, established in August 2019. The Equity Center tangibly redresses racial and socioeconomic inequality in university communities by advancing a transformative approach to universities’ fundamental research mission, which will in turn reform institutional values, pedagogy and operations. Specifically, the Equity Center will change the way that University of Virginia (UVA) scholars interact with members of the surrounding community, replacing a model that has been extractive with one that is respectful and collaborative and conducts research that benefits communities. This approach will be a model for institutions of higher education domestically and globally to leverage their anchor positions in local communities to eradicate racial and socioeconomic inequity.

We are seeking a Finance Generalist.  The generalist will perform a wide range of duties across multiple areas, including accounting, budget, payroll, financial analysis, purchasing, or treasury. An ideal candidate will be able to develop and implement accurate, timely, and complete budget and accounting documents, spreadsheets, and templates.  Additionally, the generalist will have the ability to forecast, prepare and pay purchase orders, maintain financial records and communicate financial information to a variety of stakeholders.  Applicants are required to have a bachelor's degree with at least two years of relevant experience, and a commitment to serve communities by reducing racial and socioeconomic inequity.  

For more details or to apply please click here.

Climate Equity Doctoral Fellow

Joint appointment with the UVA Equity Center and School of Architecture

We are seeking a doctoral student interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in the Constructed Environment at UVA School of Architecture who is passionate about climate justice and interested in facilitating the development of community-driven, data-rich decision-support platforms. This person would be a member of a transdisciplinary team drawing from a mixture of methods in order to co-produce impactful community resources via a climate equity atlas. Working with community residents on the Eastern Shore of Virginia to identify priority focal areas, to select data sources that articulate existing socio-economic disparities, to integrate these data alongside environmental data and modeling to support advocacy and decision making, and to translate the information into understandable and actionable forms will be key goals for the community-engaged team during the next 4 years of this National Science Funded CoPe grant.

This person will be an active member of the UVA Equity Center Democratization of Data team. Also, as part of the Coastal Futures Hub this doctoral fellow will be part of an interdisciplinary cohort of students working alongside Eastern Shore resident and government leaders, and a robust team of researchers from UVA’s Environmental Science, Engineering, Urban and Environmental Planning, Biocomplexity Institute, and Institute for Engagement and Negotiation, as well as William and Mary’s Coastal Policy Center, and ODU’s Resilience Collaborative.

This fellow’s academic home will be in the UVA School of Architecture’s Constructed Environment Ph.D. program, where adviser Dr. Barbara Brown Wilson is also an associate professor of urban and environmental planning. The Ph.D. in the Constructed Environment supports advanced research in topics that engage one or more of the Architecture’s School’s four disciplines: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban + Environmental Planning, and Architectural History. Learn more about the program and how to apply here. If you are interested in this transdisciplinary fellowship in climate equity, please contact Dr. Wilson at before December 31st, 2021 (the deadline to submit the full application for the doctoral program is January 10th, 2022).