Grounded Theory of Structural Racism & Poverty

Project Leadership

Equity Center: Sophie Trawalter, Michele Claibourn, Sherica Jones-Lewis, Don Gathers
University Partners: Jazmin Brown-Iannuzzi, Noelle Hurd, Timothy D. Wilson
Community Partners: Network2Work

Overview: The Grounded Theory of Structural Racism and Poverty initiative aims to develop and disseminate new theoretical contributions to community-engagement scholarship. This contribution will improve the understanding of how to measure the impact that structural racism and poverty have on outcomes, in an effort to disrupt these destructive forces in society. The Equity Center aims to obtain sponsorship for and conduct research designed to increase knowledge of how social factors drive societal inequities in population health, education, safety, and wealth outcomes that are poorly explained. We will disseminate innovative research about racism and poverty that will enhance interdisciplinary community-engaged scholarship at UVA and beyond. Our faculty will also share the theory and methodology of community-engaged scholarship with UVA students.


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