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The Equity Center

A UVA Democracy Initiative center for the redress of inequity through community-engaged scholarship



Community Fellows-In-Residence Program Launch

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Announcing the 2020 Equity Center Community Fellows-in-Residence 

The Democracy Initiative Center for the Redress of Inequity through Community-Engaged Scholarship “Equity Center” announces the selection of four outstanding recipients of the 2020 Community Fellowships.

The Community Fellows-in-Residence (CFR) Program is a short-term, professional development opportunity run by the University of Virginia (UVA) Equity Center designed for individuals who have a history of actively working to reduce racial and socioeconomic inequality in our community and have a special project that could benefit from access to UVA support and resources.

Our inaugural cohort of Fellows are community leaders who will spend a year bringing their expertise to UVA, and allowing UVA to share its expertise with them to advance the cause of equity. Each brings a demonstrated history of actively working to reduce racial and socioeconomic inequity in our community and each has a specific project that could benefit from access to a UVA mentor, library, and other resources to help grow. Fellows will speak about their work, share with students about their communities, and complete their individual project to increase racial and socioeconomic equity. Each will receive work space on grounds and host office hours to connect with students, faculty, and staff. Fellows will be invited to audit a UVA course and will be assigned a mentor to assist in completing the accepted project.

Meet the Fellows: